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Connection with nature, for Anne, is a personal and spiritual reality. Anne has a deep-seeded passion for the natural world. Strolling through the woods or watching a sunrise, she is often filled with a sense of awe, wonder and belonging. The way the light shines on a leaf, the emergence of a new flower, evoke an opening of her heart to see qualities of her self mirrored in the leaf or flower.

In August of 1999, she discovered a new way to share her passion for nature when a photographer friend lent her her camera for a week. She became fascinated with the interaction of light, texture and depth, and was intrigued by the challenge of creating images that would awaken viewers both to the beauty around them and to the beauty inside themselves.

These photographs are a view into her world. This glimpse is only the beginning of a journey into the wonders of Nature’s Lens.

Listen to an interview of Anne talking about her passion for photography.

How was your stroll through Nature's Lens?


This spirit-filled woman and her peaceful and beautiful photographs are a blessing. She’s a guide whose passionate mission is to show us the rest of our world – the world outside that of our daily attention. We are fortunate that a camera has found its way into her hands. With it she gently reminds us just how spiritually enriching nature is; and that that value, thus gained, is something we must cherish and protect. 

Lawrence Michael Clemmer, Photographer
Fortune Magazine, Business Week, National Geographic Society,
The New York Times, Preservation, Time Magazine . . .

Anne is the (kind of rare) photographer who has the birds, bugs and animals come to her. Sacred spirit flows through her work, and the magic glows in her photographs and her self.

She gives magic a visual definition, and paints nature
with her special joy.

Marygray Hunter, national award winning photographer 

The beauty of Anne’s photography is that it respects the

beauty of nature. She captures it, and brings it to us through her lens – how generous. Her work helps you focus on the magic and wonder of nature at a very personal level. All talent needs a vehicle. Photography is Anne’s.

Ron Cappello, President and CEO,
Future Source Communications, Inc., New York, NY

What I like the most about Anne’s photography are the little things you notice inside the photo – the details. That detail creates order, isolating interesting discoveries.
The mystery is in what she chooses to isolate.
That’s Anne’s photography.

Beth Maynor Young, Southeast landscape nature photographer.
Beth’s photographs are in corporate and public art collections across the country.