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Raindrops are Falling on my HeadThis beautiful daylily was photographed in my garden
while I had a towel over my camera and me. 
All three of us enjoyed the rain that day.
Ready in RadianceDuring a stroll in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA, 
I noticed this day lily ready to unfurl. I calculated the time 
it would take for the sun to dazzle it in radiance.
Weekend StrollThis Apeldoorn tulip was greeting me during a weekend stroll at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Bursting ForthThis quadruple bloom day lily was bursting forth in our front garden.
DaylilyThis daylily close-up is just magnificent.
 It is one of the first photos I ever sold.
Watery 'LipsIn Atlanta, GA, the fresh rain 
was kissing these Oxford Elite tulips.
Colorful DelightThis photograph from our front yard is pure colorful delight.
Pink TulipThe afternoon light was tickling the top of this tulip 
at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
'Round The BendThis yard-blooming daylily 
was nicely framed by a curving leaf 
and bathed in spectacular sunlight.
A Tiptoe Through The TulipsA synchronistic meeting in Atlanta led to 
a personal invitation to Tiptoe Through The Tulips.
Cranberry Daylily IThis beauty sang out to me one day while on a camera-stroll through my yard.
AppealingThis banana petal daylily in my daylily garden
 was quite appealing after a brief spring shower.
Tenderly HeldIn Atlanta, GA, this Red Emperor Tulip 
was being Tenderly Held.
Early MorningI was not so successfully dodging The Birmingham Botanical Gardens'
 sprinkler system while I photographed this sweetheart of a daylily, My Beth.
Leanin' InA landscaper in Atlanta, GA, invited me to photograph his tulips. Apeldoorn was Leanin' In for a pose.
Dancing FireDuring a Spring stroll at 
The Birmingham Botanical Gardens 
this Darwin Hybrid stirred my imagination.
Depth of FieldOur daylilies were busting forth into bloom
having just enjoyed a nice spring rain.
Golden BeautyThis Suburn Golden Eagle daylily was radiant during
 a morning photo stroll at the Birmngham Botanical Gardens.
StellarThis Stella D'Or in our front flower bed was quite stellar.
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