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Berry SimpleThis Nandina sprig in our front yard was Berry Simple 
and beautiful on this rainy day.
James' Delight I meet the nicest people in some of the nicest places.
 At Little Pigeon River in the Smoky Mountains
 James and I admired this spot together for some time.
Sycamore DelightThere is nothing quite like a winter sky. 
This was photographed in our back yard.
Suspended in TimeDuring my visit to the Smoky Mountains, this photograph
 captured the Little Pigeon River's rapids suspended in time.
Dew TellDuring a soft winter rain, this Nandina and I
 visited for a while in the front yard.
Resting PlacePhotographed on a trail on our property, this fallen tree seemed to 
be providing a resting place for these Fall leaves.
Morning WonderDuring an early morning visit to the pond 
at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, AL, 
this web's dewdrops were reflecting 
the pink light of the sunrise.
MysteriousThis sunset wonder was photographed
 across corn fields in Kearney, NE.
OutlookWhat a fabulous outlook to the Atlantic Ocean across the dunes
 and Sheep Sorrel of Little Talbot Island in Fort George, FL.
Winter WonderThis Nandina in our front yard was
 in ripe form this brisk early winter morn.
Naked BeautyThe stark beauty of this tree trunk in Atlanta, GA, 
reminded me that true beauty is often naked before our eyes.
ResurrectionTree to soil, soil to tree. 
All is connected in nature that be. 

 Camp McDowell, Nauvoo, AL.
Quail PassageWhile driving with my uncle in Kearney, NE,
 we came to a sudden halt to watch this quail cross the road.
Sacred HolinessI believe that trees are some of our wisest teachers. 
The hole in this hickory in Atlanta 
held wonders of its own.
SilenceUpon returning from the pond at Camp McDowell, this feather, 
so silently suspended in the grain stalk, captured my attention.
Evening PinksThese roaming pink sunset clouds 
were photographed from our front yard.
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