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Prayer TimeI turned around after photographing another flower at Camp McDowell 
in Nauvoo, AL, and came face to face with this praying mantis.
As I sat with it, it turned and we gazed at each other.
Afternoon  GlowThe sunlight was beaming some spectacular glowing light 
through these leaves at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
ClematisThe sun was shining brilliantly on this Clematis one afternoon
 while I was playing with my camera in the backyard. 
Notice the yellow rose blooming in the background.
Gulf Fritillary with IronweedThis beauty and I played in the wildflowers
 at Camp McDowell, Nauvoo, AL, until we
 were both tired. It flew away and I went home.
One Lovely LadyIn Atlanta, GA, my friend gazed up through the blooming pear tree  
and encouraged me to take this lovely lady's portrait.
Fern SwimPhotographed in our backyard this fern put on a swimmingly good show.
Shades of SummerThis native, Common Fleabane, was abundant
and particularly beautiful on one of my daily strolls on the property.
Hibiscus GeniusThis incredible hibiscus with all its twirling stamens and luscious buds
 was bursting fort with new life at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Julia I was quite busy eyeing butterflies during the Annual Butterfly Show
 in Ohio's Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. This beauty
 paused briefly to have her photo taken.
Lotus FocusThe lotus has long been a symbol of meditation focus.
This one captured my focus at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Atamasco LiliesAtamasco Lilies spring up only after a rain storm.
 I was fortunate enough to catch them
 on a peak day at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Shadow PlayThe shadow of these two trees at The Birmingham 
Botanical Gardens added a whole new dimension 
to my idea of how light plays.
Purple ConeflowerThis majestic wonder was in the Childrens Garden 
at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
Notice the spider silk of a little critter playing.
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