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Blue FlagThis Blue Flag was enjoying a dusting of dew one Spring morning at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, AL.
Blooming CherryOne rainy March morning at Camp McDowell, 
in Nauvoo, AL, this blossom called my name.
Dogwood MorningThis flower sang out to me during one of my strolls 
at Camp McDowell, Nauvoo, AL. We visited for over an hour until the lighing was right for its portrait.
Carolina WrenPhotographed in my yard, this wren sat and serenaded me.
Oak Leaf HydrangeaThis Alabama classic was photographed 
in Nauvoo, AL, at Camp McDowell.
Light DanceThe setting sun was having a grand time dancing around this
 Manchu Fan Magnolia blossom at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Fresh StartWhile on Tillers trail at Camp McDowell 
in Nauvoo, AL, this baby oak was suddenly illuminated
 by a ray of sunshine. It felt like a blessing for a fresh start.
NestingThese Wood Storks in Jacksonville, FL, were
 doing their Spring ritual of nesting.
Anole with PineThis Anole was hanging out in the shrubs in our front yard. 
When it jumped onto the Pine Tree 
I was able to capture its color-changing process.
AlightThis Zebra Longwing was in a perfectly lit spot
 during the Annual Butterfly Show in Cincinnati, Ohio, 
at The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.
Being Blue Can Be BeautifulStereotypes are not always true. This Nikko Hydrangea
 at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens was beautiful being blue.
Ready in RadianceDuring a stroll in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA, 
I noticed this day lily ready to unfurl. I calculated the time 
it would take for the sun to dazzle it in radiance.
Big Leaf MagnoliaIf you look up as you travel the big hill at Camp McDowell in Naouvoo, AL, this friend is sure to say hello.
Bursting ForthThis quadruple bloom day lily was bursting forth in our front garden.
Weekend StrollThis Apeldoorn tulip was greeting me during a weekend stroll at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
PerspectiveThe healing wounds of the Scarlet Red Oak were put into perspective by the Spring Redbud blooms. Photographed in Atlanta, GA.
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