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EmergenceThis daffodil was just peeking out its little head
 on a cool fall morning stroll on the property.
Fern SwimPhotographed in our backyard
 this fern put on a swimmingly good show.
Heart of the MatterThis Manchu Fan Magnolia blossom goes to the Heart of the Matter.
 Its pink heart radiance was captured at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Little Mountains on a TreeThese mountainous structures captured my imagination
 at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Meditation MomentA Redbud blooming white! I sat in awe with this one for a while. Photographed during a glorious stroll in Atlanta.
GloryThis morning glory's happy face greeted me during a morning stroll
 at the Hiawassee River in the Tennessee Mountains.
Raindrops are Falling on my HeadThis beautiful daylily was photographed in my garden
while I had a towel over my camera and me. 
All three of us enjoyed the rain that day.
ReadyDuring a stroll in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA, 
I noticed this day lily ready to unfurl. I calculated the time 
it would take for the sun to dazzle it in radiance.
RedbudThis backyard photo of a Redbud in early Spring 
is one of my best friend's favorite photos.
RefreshThis Lantana had just been refreshed by a little afternoon sower.
Seeing the Trees for the ForestI am a firm believer that one becomes more aware 
of the bigger picture through getting to know the smaller picture.
 This Loblolly Pine is in the forest at Camp McDowell, Nauvoo, AL.
Simple EleganceThis Columbine was poking its head up out of the forest floor
 during a stroll on the property  in Trussville, AL.
Sittin' PrettyThis Nikko Hydrangea at The Birmingham Botanical Gardnes was
 Sittin' Pretty amongst its blue, lavendar and pink companions.
Water on WoodThe water of the Little Pigeon River has worn this wood in such a way
 that it looks like flowing water on the wood.
Wings in MotionThis Pink Cattle Heart, photographed at Calloway Gardens
 during a birthday-present trip to Georgia, was in fervent motion.
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