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Sunny FacesWhile on a stroll at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, AL, 
these yellow cone flowers faces greeted me.
Azalea PathwayThese gladiolas were having a blooming 
good day hanging out in our yard.
GloryThis morning glory's happy face greeted me during a morning stroll
 at the Hiawassee River in the Tennessee Mountains.
Daffodil in the RoughThe Birmingham Botanical Gardens Fortissimo Daffodil
  was a beauty which had fallen over into the dried leaves.
Iris EyeMy Mamaw's Iris grows to eye level. This was photographed in Trussville, AL.
Daffodil RadianceThe setting sun at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens
 was making this daffodil radiant with light.
Orange PoppyPhotographed at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens,
this Poppy popped out at me. If you look closely you will notice the pollen.
DaffodilThe backdrop of a winter sky accented 
the radiance of this Daffodil in our back yard.
Orange TrumpetvineThe light was playing around at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
I was able to capture it at just the right moment.
JonquilThis was photographed during one of my Atlanta strolls. 
Simpleness can be so beautiful.
Hibiscus GeniusThis incredible hibiscus with all its twirling stamens and luscious buds
 was bursting fort with new life at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Misty DaffodilThis daffodil face was just visible
 through the mist outside my window.
ZinniaThis zinger was photographed in Lou's garden
 at Camp McDowell, Nauvoo, AL.
Dash of PinkThis Mrs. R. L. Wheeler camellia, at The Birmingham
 Botanical Gardens, was sporting a Dash Of Pink.
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