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ContemplationDuring an afternoon stroll to the pond at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, AL, I was enjoying contemplation time and this dragonfly joined me.
ConversationDuring one my many strolls at Camp McDowell 
in Nauvoo, AL, this pair caught my eye.  
The flower is approximately the size of a quarter.
Prayer TimeI turned around after photographing another flower at Camp McDowell 
in Nauvoo, AL, and came face to face with this praying mantis.
As I sat with it, it turned and we gazed at each other.
Ladybug with Lyre-leafed SageWhile on my way to the Camp McDowell Pond, 
this ladybug captured my fancy.
Nauvoo, AL.
Hangin' OutThis buddy and I hung out for about twenty minutes 
while a best friend and I were hanging out in Atlanta, GA.
One Good Tern Deserves AnotherThese Royal Terns were enjoying the sun and breezes on Little Talbot Island, Fort George, FL.
BedazzledThe glinting sun iridescing this dragonfly's wings bedazzled me. Photographed at the pond at Camp McDowell, Nauvoo, AL.
Morning StrollA raccoon had taken a stroll on this dune amongst the shells 
and grasses on Little Talbot Island, Fort George, FL.
Purple Luna HueThis luna moth posed for me outside my door for over forty-five minutes. The purple hue in the background is created by blooming impatiens.
Play TimeThis Wing-Billed Gull at Atlantic Beach, FL,
was playing on the gusting wind.
Two To TangoIn the frog pond at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens, 
these bullfrogs were singing a happy Spring tune.
White-Throated Sparrow with PrivetI was approximately six feet from this sparrow when this photo was taken. 
We were both having a wonderful time hanging out in my backyard.
Friends VisitingStrolling in Nauvoo, AL, at Camp McDowell, I stopped to take a drink and noticed
this friend had stopped for one as well.
Anole with PineThis Anole was hanging out in the shrubs in our front yard. 
When it jumped onto the Pine Tree 
I was able to capture its color-changing process.
Eye on YouIn Jacksonville, FL, I could even see this Wood Stork's eye as it was soaring overhead with its five and a half foot wingspan.
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