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JuliaI was quite busy eyeing butterflies during the Annual Butterfly Show
 in Ohio's Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. This beauty
 paused briefly to have her photo taken.
Tiger SwallowtailPhotographed in my front yard, this friend sat and posed while I took its portrait.
Gulf Fritillary with IronweedThis beauty and I played in the wildflowers
 at Camp McDowell, Nauvoo, AL, until we
 were both tired. It flew away and I went home.
Wings in MotionThis Pink Cattle Heart, photographed at Calloway Gardens
 during a birthday-present trip to Georgia, was in fervent motion.
AlightThis Zebra Longwing was in a perfectly lit spot
 during the Annual Butterfly Show in Cincinnati, Ohio, 
at The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.
Friends VisitingStrolling in Nauvoo, AL, at Camp McDowell, I stopped to take a drink and noticed
this friend had stopped for one as well.
LookingThis Tent Caterpillar was looking for a way across the trail,
 so I paused my stroll on the property to let it by.
Nectar for the JourneyThis Tiger Swallowtail stopped for a reviving drink
 while journeying through The Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
Purple Luna HueThis luna moth posed for me outside my door for over forty-five minutes. The purple hue in the background is created by blooming impatiens.
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